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A Blaken is more than a mere watch. A Blaken reflects your individuality in its most exclusive form. With our patented “Diamond Like Carbon” procedure we personalize Rolex watches to make them true individual masterpieces for your wrist, with a very personal touch. The result is a piece of watchmaking art made especially for you, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s simply a real Blaken.
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1952 marked the debut of an unprecedented watch prototype that remains an icon to this day: the Breitling Navitimer. Its name is a portmanteau of the words “navigation” and “timer.” Equipped with the flight-specific slide rule that was introduced with the Chronomat, it is little wonder that countless pilots, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers have opted for this timepiece ever since.
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In 1860, at the age of 20, Edouard Heuer founded his own watchmaking workshop in the Swiss Jura. The creation of the Mikrograph in 1916, the sponsorship of Formula 1 teams in the 1970s and the launch of the first luxury connected watch in 2015 have since demonstrated, among other things, its unique spirit.
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Orbita is a young company that began operation in 1996. After an amazingly short time, our innovative watch winder designs have captured a large international following. Orbita is now the world’s largest producer of fine watchwinders for both automatic and manual wrist watches.
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An Indian jewelry company with its own unique and famous story, it was established by one of the most prominent jewelry designers in the world in Hong Kong in 1969. His limited editions soon spread wildly, attracting kings, presidents and stars from around the world.
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A name that has always been associated with precious gems, diamonds, rubies, Sapphires and many more, Diamrusa was established in a corner of the city of Bangkok, Tailand in 1986. It soon spread around the world due to its excellent management and the beauty of its designs. The company iswidely known in the Southeast and Middle East for its bejeweled watches and custom designs.
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Louis Erard took Swiss watches to a new level after he mixed between their classic features and his innovative signature designs. He brought mechanics to life, rendering his watches alive, beating, stopping, and then working again. They are very special watches with very special clients indeed.
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The symbiosis between compelling innovation and exquisite design characterizes and defines our exclusive objects of time® selected materials and perfect workmanship fulfill and exceed our customers’ highest expectations.
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The Swiss Patek Philippe, or the timeless watch as it is often described, was established in Geneva in 1839 by Anthony Patek and Jean Adrian Philippe. In 1932, it was bought by the “Stern” family, who still operates it until this very day. Patek Phillippe installed many technical touches to the watch making world throughout the years. It has received more than 70 patents since 1845.
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